Broad based skill set, both technically and artistically. Focussed in all aspects of animation

Particular strengths in creature and character animation. 

Strongly imaginative with the ability to inject humour into projects, giving the work a distinctive and clear relationship with the narrative. 

Previous experience in all stages of character modelling, rigging and animation, resulting in a thorough knowledge and understanding of the technical side, to run in parallel with the creative aspects.

Reliable performance under pressure and a strong work ethic to complete work to the highest standard on time and within budget.

Currently Head of Animation at 422 South, managing a team of mid and junior CG artists across a series of projects.


Excellent              MAYA  (10+ years)


Experienced       3DS MAX
                               Photoshop, Boujou, Mocap cleanup and use, Layout

Familiar               Cinema 4D, XSI. Unity
                               Modo, After Effects, Premier, 3D  Equiliser, Boujou, Quixel
                               MEL scripting for animation and Renderman for Maya

Learning              On going!


T: 0773 901 5911

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Nick Hales - Animator & CG Artist

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